The safety of the General Public and other Aircraft is PARAMOUNT above all else and cannot be understated. Transportation Canada, Flight Operations has developed extensive requirements for all SPECIAL FLIGHT OPERATIONS CERTIFICATE-SFOC (“Pilot Licencing”) applications submitted by Individuals, Small & Large Organizations, Governments, and other forms of Contractors. These regulations are applicable to everyone, everywhere in Canada without exception, and it is critical for any who engage the services of any contractor to know “what to ask”.

DRAGANFLY INNOVATIONS INC. GUARDIAN AIRFRAME. Photographer: Mark Bateson. Used with Permission.


Transportation Canada, Flight Operations likewise hosts a Public registry which lists ALL of the companies and the specific Aircraft they manufacture (this is a very short list) governed under the umbrella “COMPLIANT UAV MANUFACTURER”. These manufacturers work directly with Transportation Canada, Flight Operations who maintain a stringent set of regulations regarding the Production Techniques, Components, Documentation, Public Transparency, Operational Consistency, Testing and Retesting, and routine Inspection and reporting to Transportation Canada, Flight Operations to qualify them as COMPLIANT UAV MANUFACTURERS. This is critical to understanding they are they the ONLY AIRCRAFT considered by Transportation Canada, Flight Operations to be safe for Commercial use in Canada”.


Very few RPAS Operators can meet and maintain the requirements for an SFOC, and as such, many may not be “operating safely”. A select few who are exceptionally committed to a standard of “above and beyond” by way of their Organizational (Company) Structure, Documentation, Safety Standards and Practices, Training; Standard Operating Procedures for their Aircrafts, with defined Protocols, Policies, and Benchmarks which require further Experience, Academic Background, and Certification who have been “Inspected’ and are “Inspected” (ongoing) by Transportation Canada, Flight Operations, who likewise work EXCLUSIVELY with a COMPLIANT RPAS in the field at all times MAY apply for a TRANSPORTATION CANADA COMPLIANT OPERATOR RPAS SFOC.


Not all are granted them.

Maintaining one comes with extreme pride and commitment at the highest levels of operation. “Safety for all”, is what drives us to maintain ours proudly. This is where our licencing with Transportation Canada, Flight Operations as well as our Company name resides. ACCESSiFLY maintains one of the only Standing Compliant Operator SFOC, for all Aerial Work across Canada in all FIR Airspace (ATS-18-19-00030671).