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We commit ourselves to “Preparation, Planning & Prevention” as our baseline Standard of Practice upon which we rest our Integrity. Our steadfast commitment to excellence is through safe, ethical, and transparent business provisioning during all Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Missions and we believe firmly that "life should continue without cause for concern" and that "minimal disruption" to routine is a base requirement for respectful and safe operation of this technology. 


A component of every initial consultation process includes a thorough “Site Safety Survey”. Before any undertaking, we begin with visualization and area walkthroughs, as well as full spectrum sweeping for RF/WiFi interference, analysis of GNSS (GPS) Satellite Constellation Connectivity, and in-depth discussion and collaboration with all Stakeholders. A written analysis and precise mission plan are formed from this proceeding where all RPAS “Plans of Activity & Deployment” are concerned.  

All Survey's (Aerial Surveys inclusive) are Cadastral Legal and conducted using GNSS RTK Loggers & Aerial GCPs to less than >0.25cm error margins meeting standards for 3rd Party Certification as needed (Land Surveyor) .


Site Safety Survey’s are linked to a login we provide for ArcGIS Earth, which is a free, and always free, easily understood, GIS interface & gateway tool similar to Google Earth. Furnishing “Beautiful Maps” as a base language all understand is a prime component of our process and your Site Safety Survey is a Geo-located “less than” ½ cm error accurate template which we build on together in 3-Dimensional High Raster Imaging Definition and the foundation of an Integrated GIS.

Planning and Safety are key to success and maintaining success means ensuring it’s done safely.


Our "Terrestrial" Infrared Imaging and Intelligent Location/Integrated GIS Solutions are governed under similar linear and transparent business practices involving collaboration and consideration for all, detailed written planning tailored to your business needs with clearly identified objectives, benchmarks and deadlines. We use ESRI GIS Software and maintain our own public ESRI ArcGIS Online Portal deployed using a combination of ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro as primary tools for developing and deploying these Applications through ESRI Services for all clients, which allows for innovative & affordable deliverables.