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We fly only the BEST OF THE BEST. The first Company to achieve COMPLIANT MANUFACTURER STATUS is a Canadian Company, they are the manufacturer of the most technologically advanced and safe Aircraft available.

Draganfly Innovations Inc.

That is what and “how” we fly; and why we fly with confidence and proud compliance in support of safety first always:

"Industry Experts. Proven track record. Payloads that deliver.

Draganfly have over 20 years of industry leading and world-renowned innovative experience with dozens of firsts in the industry, including the first recorded “Human Life Saved by a Drone”. The team at Draganfly have been in the business of creating the most technologically advanced, light weight, industrial quality, professional, unmanned systems aircraft longer than any other manufacturer worldwide.

At Draganfly, we've learned sUAS are more than just flying machines, they are instrumental future-proof data gathering tools. Draganfly delivers high resolution, high quality, aerial imagery that cannot be matched. The flight system has a solid track record as a proven performer, developed from the ground-up by Draganfly Innovations Inc. with large powerful motors, excellent battery life enabling long flights (ideal for Search & Rescue as well as Aerial Imaging Surveys), boasting a greater payload capacity with more sophisticated payload integration features that deliver high quality results (such as Infrared, NIR/Red Edge amongst others).

The Draganfly Guardian is not a mass produced product stamped out of a production line but rather, a hand crafted aircraft built from carbon fiber, injection molded parts, and in addition to the hardware engineering, at Draganfly we also design our own electronics and write our own software as well."

-Draganfly Innovations Inc. (Used proudly with permission)


As fully Licensed and Certified ASNT ITC/FLIR Infrared Thermographers we offer Infrared Thermographic Imaging Services for both Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and Terrestrial ("On Foot") applications. 

We leverage the power to gather accurate, non-contact temperature measurements from an aerial perspective where other Infrared Thermography Services cannot and we rely exclusively on FLIR Technologies to accomplish this. Every still image & video captured saves accurate, calibrated temperature data embedded in every pixel, adding even more value to our imaging services.

As ASNT Certified Thermographers, we understand Radiation Science and Infrared Energy Emissivity. There can be no compromise in equipment and our Aircraft as well as our "Terrestrial" (Hand-held) inspection Cameras are fully Radiometric data-gathering (not all FLIR Cameras are the same). These are FLIR's Highest Grade cameras and ideally suited for applications like building, roof, & power grid inspections, infrastructure analysis, precision agriculture, and public safety. 


Capturing accurate, non-contact temperature measurements with calibrated temperature data embedded in every pixel is the essence of Thermography and why we operate FLIR Infrared exclusively.

FLIR. The "6th Sense". Infrared Thermography.

FLIR Systems Inc.