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ACCESSiFLY "Infrared Thermography & Integrated GIS Solutions"



ACCESSiFLY is a Toronto, ON based business owned and operated by Transport Canada certified, trained, licensed, and insured Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems ("Drone") Pilots, whom are post-graduate educated and industry experienced GIS and Aerospace Professionals as well as ASNT ITC Certified Infrared Thermographers. ACCESSiFLY is home to one of only a small handful of Canada’s current Licenced Compliant Operators governed by Transport Canada SFOC.

We offer solutions with deliverables other firms cannot provide by incorporating Infrared Thermographic Imaging (Photo & Video) together with Traditional Digital RGB Imaging (Photo & Video) across all fields of our operation as a standard practice and workflow; not as a separate service (unless requested), nor at accelerated costs as do other "Service Providers" which makes ACCESSiFLY unique, exclusive, as well as remaining affordable and competitive.

This is accomplished using Transport Canada Compliant Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) in combination with "Terrestrial" ("on foot") methodologies to capture Hi-definition images, roughly x100 the resolution of Google Earth as well as Autonomous Flight Planned deployments, allowing us to layer repeated excursions to determine changes in the “intelligent work site” across linear and non-linear measurable timelines. Coupled with post imaging data aggregation and in-house custom mobile location technology application development, we serve all modern industries and workplaces and deliver unique Integrated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Products custom built to our client’s requirements to meet their business needs in modular, scalable, affordable, and manageable solutions packages.

All our staff are multi-Application Certified, as well as possessing of academic backgrounds and post graduate degrees including many years experience working in both GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and Aerospace/Geospatial Industries; setting a high standard for others to match offering similar services without the credentials and/or experience to support their products with mere language. We believe in hiring the best and proudly support workplace diversity and opportunity.


In addition to our Commercial Services, we pride ourselves in maintaining the ability to assist and aide our “First Responders” through Public Agency Support in the fields of Forensics, General Public Safety consultation, SAR-Search and Rescue Operations, Academics, Research and Non-Destructive Testing on a Pro-bono/Volunteer basis (please contact us directly by Phone for all such inquiries).

Further details regarding our additional Integrated GIS & Infrared Imaging Solutions may be found in the SERVICES links on this site.